Waiting for Franco

You probably know by now that actor and living performance-art piece, James Franco, spends quite a bit of time in New Haven pursuing a degree at Yale. You may also know that the PrissyBitch is pursuing a Ph.D. as an Eli. Naturally, we’d discussed trying to find Mr. Franco — whose time in CT would no doubt be greatly enriched by having met us — but when my friend Skatie wanted to meet in New Haven for dinner and drinks, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to find an adorable, stoner actor. Instead, we found King Den.

PrissyBitch had it on good authority that Franco eats dinner at BAR on Mondays and Wednesdays when he’s in town, so we headed there first. We were pretty early. It was just 6 o’clock — or more like 6:15 after I struggled through some sort of protest traffic — when we sat down at one of the several bars at BAR. We had some pizza, I drank some whiskey (because as I said, I didn’t feel like getting all bloaty on beer if we were going to meet a movie star) and we waited… and waited… and we found no famous faces. (Frankly, Prissy Bitch and I are not used to going out and not meeting someone at least mildly famous.)

Fried fish head a la King Den.

Since we were already on Crown Street we headed down to 116 Crown where rock star chef and Glastonbury alum, King Den, was working. But before we get to Denny and his magnificent fish heads, I need to talk about my new favorite drink.

116 Crown has an amazing cocktail list. It’s almost mind-boggling. Having already had a Jameson, I figured one of the stronger sounding cocktails with three different boozes was a bad choice. So, I picked the Pimm’s Cup… and I fell in love. After I took the first delicious sip, and started raving I wanted to know just exactly what Pimm’s No. 1 (the alcohol in the beverage) is. Turns out it’s the creation of some British guy from Kent, which just so happens to be where my people are from. Apparently it’s also a digestive aid, which means this is the perfect booze for me.

About half-way through my drink a cute bartender with pretty blue eyes ( who should give me a call if he feels like making pretty blue-eyed babies) came over and asked if we were alright. I asked him to tell me what the various unindentifiable fruits were in my cup. What I thought could be anything from a cranberry to a date turned out to be cherries, and what the PrissyBitch and I thought was a tomatillo turned out to be a cape gooseberry. There was some mint, cucumbers, and a wedge of either lemon or orange floating around in there as well. So, not only can you get drunk and aid your digestion, you can get in several of your daily servings of fruit. It’s the perfect drink.

It was shortly after this that King Den appeared in the restaurant, having finally gotten word that I was out in the restaurant looking for his crazy ass. He came out, told us all about the salmon head he was frying up in back and agreed to get us some goodies. We were mostly interested in the cookies we’d seen (and smelled) floating around the restaurant and he was kind enough to bring us some warm, delicious chocolate chip heaven as well as a snack of salmon on a bed of cucumber and yogurt, all on a little slice of bread.

Let us just say, we are eternally grateful… and a single bite of those cookies was way better than James Franco. But if you’re out there, Jimmy, give us a shout. We’ve got a Yacht Rock Party in the works that we think you’d love.