Neck Tattoo Strikes Again

If you’re a fan of Rescue Me you’ll probably think Tommy and Sheila have come to CT and that this story ends in a terrible fire:

Police said they are trying to find out why a man who passed out while he was with a woman woke up with facial cuts and bruises.

Officers were called to his Laurel Street home shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday. A man there said he passed out while having dinner with a friend he knows only as “Gloria,” Sgt. Dennis O’Connor said.

The man told police he thinks he was drugged and assaulted while unconscious. He was transported to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, and his apartment was sealed off while investigators worked, O’Connor said.

Seems to me like this guy may have just passed out and fallen down, whacking his face on the way. Luckily though, the woman this guy seems to think assaulted him has the mark of the stupid: a neck tattoo. She should be easy enough to find for questioning.

Flickr Creative Commons, by Philippe Leroyer