Viva La Boca!

Flickr Creative Commons, masochismtango

A few weeks ago, I met some old co-workers for drinks and dinner at La Boca in Middletown after work. Since moving out of Middletown three years ago, I don’t find much excuse to go back, but this was a good one. I forgot how much I love La Boca’s margaritas. They don’t kill it with Rose’s Lime like so many places do. You can actually taste the tequila!

We started with their guacamole and completely housed it. It wasn’t as good as Agave’s, but clearly it did the job. Either that or we were ravenous and didn’t really care. I’d like the think the former.

I ordered enchiladas — three to be exact. With three different sauces — mole, verde, and cilantro cream. Mole sauce isn’t my favorite (probably because it isn’t always made right), but La Boca’s was quite good — varying between that subtle chocolaty taste, and something savory and salty. The verde was flavorful with just the right amount of spice and the cilantro cream was delicious without being too heavy. A very enjoyable meal and even the leftovers were tasty.

The service, however, was a little slow. I’m not sure if it was because we were four girls and very talkative, but it seemed like every other table that came in after us had their orders taken and dishes cleared at a much quicker pace than we did. I notice these things…mainly because I don’t like my leftovers mocking me when my meal has defeated me.

Two salt shakers for good food, great booze, and mediocre service.