Angelico’s on the Boulevard

One recent weekend night, I had to work late, was painfully hungry and in need of a drink when I left. So, I called my best friend who was in town and demanded that she meet me out. We didn’t want to go to the same old, same old places that  were loud and crowded because we had some catching up to do. Suddenly, we both remembered that the old, cursed restaurant building on the Boulevard in Glastonbury was something new. (Honestly, the place has been three or four different restaurants in the past few years.)

So we headed there, and it turns out that the new place, Angelico’s on the Boulevard, has a pretty fantastic late night Happy Hour menu (and regular Happy Hour). Their small plates are $3, they give a $1 discount on beer and have $5 glasses of wine. Sadly, I got there at 9:55 p.m. and the bartender didn’t tell me that if I waited 5 minutes to order my drink, I’d save $3…something I would have done when I bartended. In fact, she was a little snotty the whole time, but whatever. The place was really dead, so I’d be pissy if I only had four customers too.

I ordered the steamed mussels in sake with garlic and ginger which were delicious and the bowl was huge to boot (see picture above).  I also ordered the quesadilla which came with homemade kettle chips. It was pretty average, but the chips were sort of like crack. In both cases, I couldn’t believe that they were just $3. I kind of wished I was hungrier because the bruschetta trio also looked fantastic.

I’m not sure if I’ll go back for dinner because the rest of the place seemed pretty generic, and is legitimately cursed. My guess is by the time I think to go back, it’ll be closed, but if I need a late night food and drink fix, it’s worth keeping in mind. Two salt shakers.

Update 6/6/2011: Looks like the curse holds…Angelico’s on the Boulevard is closed!