All About: Stamford

Population: 122,643 (!!!)

County: Fairfield

Size: 52 sq mi

History: Originally this town was called “Rippowam” by the native inhabitants of the area. Whitey couldn’t handle such a name so by 1640 it was renamed Stamford. The area was able to thrive due to its proximity to the water and New York City, which is still what’s keeping it afloat. It also hosted its own witch trials in 1692 but got much less publicity than Salem. All those Halloween tourist dollars…lost.

Something Weird: Where to begin? How about the Jerry Spring Show films there. Is there anything weirder? Answer: no. Wanna fight about it? WWE is based out of Stamford. NBC’s The Office has one of their fictional branches in Stamford. Versus Network airs their NHL show from Stamford. Who knew Stamford had so much juice?

Actually, it makes perfect sense for these shows to set up shop there; they don’t have to pay high NYC rent but are still close by.