Pip Pip & Cheerio

There’s nothing directly related to Connecticut about the Royal Wedding, except that I consider the English to be Nutmeggers’ closest relatives, so to speak. (If you don’t believe me, please see this Slate article about Rahs.) Add to that the fact that my Nana has an English accent, that I’ve got a bunch of family still roaming the countryside, and my aunt (who lives in CT) is completely obsessed with all things royal, and I think I’ve got plenty of reason to write about the upcoming festivities.

Apparently, the Courant follows my logic:

In Connecticut, most residents will celebrate in pajamas at home. (Coverage starts on some networks as early as 3 a.m.) Comcast launched a Royal Wedding content destination in its On Demand section. Customers have access to more than 130 programs, including an inside look into the story of William and Kate, royal biographies and the latest wedding news. On Saturday, customers will be able to watch taped coverage of the ceremony from BBC.

Well, I won’t be getting up at 3 a.m. — though I’m sure Aunt Renee will — I will be watching at home in my pajamas, thanks to my version of casual Friday. Apparently, though, the many tea rooms (who knew we had those?) around the state will be celebrating all weekend. They’ll be pulling out all the stops, complete with McVities digestive biscuits. You may have never had one of these delicious treats — probably because they cost an arm and a leg here — but they aren’t exactly high class fare. And I love that horsey Prince for having requested the little treats as his groom’s cake.

Here at The CuT, we’re thinking about dressing up in tiaras and drinking Pimm’s Cup all weekend… or at least I’ll be doing that alone in my apartment with my cats. I’m sure the PrissyBitch will be wandering around in obscenely large jewels, and possibly even a gown of some sort — as she does most weekends.

To help you celebrate, we found a Park Slope hipster to teach you how to make a Pimm’s Cup.