A CT Wedding: Dresses, Dresses and More Dresses

At least I didn't wind up with this...

Unlike most brides-to-be, I wasn’t over the moon about finding my wedding dress. I’m 5 feet tall, so I felt like I’d wind up looking like a dollop of whipped cream in some big white, poofy thing. I’d seen a couple of episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and knew that women turn rather nutty when searching for their wedding gown…and I’m nutty enough. I also didn’t want to troll to dozens of stores and deal with dozens of saccharin sales ladies.

Since Dr. Gold had purchased her dress at Mariella’s in Rocky Hill, I dragged both her and the Anti-Couric with me to look for a dress. These two have the dubious honor of being bridesmaids…against the AC’s will.  Our lady (Sonja I think is her name) was very nice and helpful and even put up with our off color and sometimes insulting comments about some of their gowns. We picked out about fifteen gowns. I’d already resigned myself to spending an ungodly amount of money on a ball of marshmallow fluff, and was trying to figure out how to fit some circus midgets under the skirt to carry snacks for me.

Most of the dresses were “eh”…they would have been passable, but fell into the category of “they all look the same to me.” AC and Dr. Gold were honest with their comments — one of the things I love most about them. Sonja even noted how decisive we were. Very little hemming or hawing with this group. In the end, it was between two dresses which were both gorgeous (same designer for those of you who care about designers–Pronovias), but after hoisting myself back into both, one was a clear winner. It’s not snow white, or strapless, or poofy. It’s beautiful and has a vintage, classic look that I love. Score one for the Asian.

The bridesmaids' dress.

Bridesmaids dresses were a different story. Originally, I was going to have all the girls just get them from JCrew. However, after finding my dress, none of the more modern or casual styles would really “go.” So started the real adventure. There are five bridesmaids — all with differing body shapes. Some have boobs (and lots of them), some are flat as boards. Some are sticks, some have curves. Some have asses, and others don’t. Finding a dress that flattered all and was liked by all was near impossible.

Trolling online was a favorite pastime for a few weeks. I also dragged a few of the girls back to Mariella’s to look for dresses (since I bought my dress there, we all received discounts if we did bridesmaid dresses through them). Now, as helpful as they were with wedding dresses, they were equally unhelpful with bridesmaid dresses. It might be because there are no appointments for bridesmaid dresses, which makes it more than a little zooey. I also have to say there are some saleswomen who are simply brighter than others. And just plain nicer. However, we did eventually find a dress that “worked” on some level for everyone (no thanks to the salesladies). It supported boobs and gave the illusion of chests without them…it was a flattering silhouette on all. Sadly, I was hoping to find something with pockets so the maid of honor could carry snacks for me since the midgets won’t fit under my non-poofy dress. I guess I’ll just go hungry.

A few things I did learn through this process:

– girls who are looking for the perfect dress for them or their bridesmaids are just setting themselves up for disappointment

– you can’t make everyone totally happy

– leave your winter coat and heavy purse in the car when in the zoo of bridesmaid dresses–it’s only going to slow you down

So now that this is over, I’m pretty calm about the planning — we have the place, our vendors, and I won’t be naked. Our save-the-dates (STDs for short) went out a couple of weeks ago so I feel like I can kick my feet up for a while. Don’t mind if I do…