Adventures in House Hunting: The Wait

The downstairs of my haunted house.

When I first started looking for a house I spent countless hours on, looking for a place to live. Now that I think I’ve settled on a haunted house, I spend hours on Craigslist and furniture store websites decorating a place I don’t own. It’s torture.

When I’m not doing that, I head over to and plot out where everything will go.

Long story short: waiting is the worst.

I’ve got a whole color scheme plotted out for downstairs, and couches I can’t afford picked out. I’ve got a bookmark folder filled with hutches, sofas, chairs, and tables I want. And every time I look at Craigslist and I see something I want, but have no place for it (at the moment) I spit and curse at my monitor.

With the exception of the sofa, I’m hoping to go all “used” with this furniture because it’s the green/cheapskate way to do things — and because rich people get rid of nicer stuff than I would be able to afford new. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a whole “Cheapskate” on decorating with other people’s crap.

In the meantime, though, I think I’m going to need to find a new hobby to keep me occupied at night. Otherwise, by the time I actually move into the house and get to decorate I’ll have so many couches bookmarked I’ll go into a seizure trying to decide which one I really want.

This is the couch I really want...but the pricetag makes me cringe.

I’ve also developed an addiction to HGTV. I don’t have cable at home — though you can watch HGTV on Hulu — but when I’m at my Nana’s, I force the poor old broad to watch endless episodes of House Hunters, and even Holmes on Homes (I love that big ole bear).

At least the weather is nice now and I can go outside to get away from the endless selection of sectional sofas on the internets.



  1. furniture is so damn expensive. i have a $1000 living room chair which is now my cat’s bed/favorite place to puke. learn from my mistakes.


  2. I picked up four dining room chairs from the side of the road today. So I’d say my lesson has been learned.


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