Free Tate!

Some poor, romantic soul in Shelton is being punished for his grand gesture. According to The Courant:

Online petitions and national media attention have apparently failed to get Shelton school administrators to reverse their ban on James Tate attending his senior prom.

Tate got himself into trouble when he and two friends taped letters outside the school entrance asking a girl to go to the prom with him. The girl, Sonali Rodrirugez, said yes, but school administrators said no.

This insane overreaction and attempt to crush young love reminds me of all the poor bastards to graduate from Glastonbury High School after me. Thanks to my graduating class’ reckless abandon — which included breaking and entering, assault, and the occasional paintball exchange — playing the wonderful game of Assassins will get you banned from graduation (or something like that) even though it doesn’t happen on school grounds. (It also reminds me how a certain prom date lured me in by promising we’d take a helicopter to the Aqua Turf, and then changed his mind after he killed a friend — who’d been counting on the prize money to pay for his part of the ‘copter — in Assassins.)

It always seemed silly to me that playing a game with water guns that gave the class a sense of community should result in being excluded from the most important event of an 18-year-old’s young life. I mean, it’s apparently OK to be drunk and steal your parents’ prescription pills, but not OK to shoot a friend with a water gun.

In any case, it seems to me that an entire generation of girls will have a bone to pick with the Shelton school board. I mean, basically the lesson here is: “Do not express your feelings through grand, romantic (but respectful) gestures or we’ll make your life a living hell.” So, ladies, in a few years when your boyfriend won’t get off the dorm room futon or even open the cafeteria door for you, be sure to send your complaints to the Shelton school board.