Whitesnake: More than Just a Tawny Kitaen Video

By Orin Zebest, Flickr Creative Commons

On Thursday, May 12, Whitesnake made the stopped in at Webster Theater in Hartford for the second date of their tour. Some may scoff at the idea of going to a Whitesnake concert thinking “Last time they were popular I was still missing my two front teeth.” While yes, that was probably the band’s peak, they still know how to burn a place down! (Not to be confused with Great White, who actually did burn a place down in Rhode Island. Sad story, there.)

Lead singer David Coverdale wowed the nearly packed house with his soaring vocals and onstage antics. He was gyrating and gesturing like he was a 45 year old kid again! As for the other members of the band: well, there have been so many different lineups over the years it’s almost pointless to mention them. This band is essentially Coverdale’s baby.

Depending on your point of view the set list was either great for hearing tracks off their new album Forevermore* or you were totally bored for half the show. It was roughly a 50/50 split between classic tunes and the new album. What’s amazing is that the crowd didn’t seem all that bored with the new stuff. That might be a big credit to Coverdale’s onstage charisma.

Technically, the band sounded really good. Coverdale’s voice was booming and clear. And he’s so effortless, too. At times it seemed like his mouth was hardly moving like a ventriloquist dummy. That’s talent, people! The guitars were searing and the drummer nailed his parts. The band did seem to be more into playing their new stuff than their classics (they half-assed their biggest hit, “Here I Go Again”) but the energy level was high throughout. One criticism I would say is that the background vocals didn’t mesh well. Minor point.

But when it comes to shows like this the one thing you look forward to is the people watching. Women ,15 years past their prime, dressing slutty: Check! Guys with mullets: Check! Guys with rat-tails: Check! Women with mullets: Big check! Seriously, I don’t know where these people come from. It’s not as bad as an Ozzfest crowd (those people are a new level of disgusting) but it’s always fun and entertaining to look at.

Overall, it was a great show and the crowd left really happy with no incidents of rioting. Which makes sense, because the people were too old to really start any trouble.


*Editor’s Note: We here at The CuT are seriously disturbed that Ring Nation even knows White Snake has a new album, nevermind the name of it.