All About: Bloomfield

Population: 19,587

County: Hartford County

Size: 26.2 square miles

History: I’m always a little skeptical of Connecticut towns that don’t talk about history on their websites… and Bloomfield is one of them. Instead, it says this:

Bloomfield is a picturesque Connecticut village, but there is more going on here than just aesthetics. Graced with rural beauty, homeowners value our Town as a quiet, friendly haven from the big cities. And, with the largest tract of undeveloped industrial land in the Capitol Region, Bloomfield offers an unmatched opportunity for businesses seeking a strategic location in New England.

Yes, Bloomfield is a haven from such neighboring big cities as East Granby and Simsbury. Someone has a serious spin machine working down at city hall.

Something Weird: Bloomfield is home to Thomas Hooker Brewery where there are open houses and beer tastings. So, as far as we’re concerned, that’s enough reason to go to Bloomfield.