Live Nude!

Imagine hanging around your apartment, gazing out your apartment on a beautiful day, when all of a sudden you’re confronted with a big ol’ naked guy. Now, I probably wouldn’t call the police. No…I’d probably call the Gay Guru over for a viewing party, especially if the naked person was a wannabe male model as it was in this case:

BRIDGEPORT — Residents expect to see a lot of unusual things living downtown, but a Saturday incident may have topped the list.

A white man with a camera was chasing a naked black man across the roof of a parking garage, witnesses said.

Frankly, the “model” is kind of cheesy looking. He’s no D’Angelo, that’s for sure…oh man… that was a really great video…but I digress.

No matter how not-all-that-hot the so-called model was, I still wouldn’t have called the police. It was Bridgeport after all. The police have better things to do like combat Santeria and human trafficking.

Anyway, the next time a male model needs someplace to get naked without fear that the locals will call the police, I’ll volunteer my backyard. Just remember to bring your big spray fellas, you don’t want any ticks on your naughty bits.