Adventures in House Hunting: Obligatory IKEA Trip

Over the long weekend, I convinced my mother and Nana to meet me at IKEA in New Haven. I’ve only been to IKEA once before and that was in New Jersey — where IKEAs are the least offensive thing for miles around. But anyone who is thinking about furnishing a house would do themselves a disservice by not going to the Swedish superstore. (And if your apartment is being fumigated, they may even let you move in.)

I had a few goals in mind while systematically following the arrows through the halls. First and foremost I wanted to sit on the couches. There are any number of nice looking couches at ye ole IKEA, but the Renaissance Man is always warning me that they’re uncomfortable and stiff. I wanted to see for myself, though, because some of the nicer ones aren’t much cheaper than couches from less Nordic companies that don’t require assembly. I also wanted to check out the flatware. I’ve got a mishmosh of plates, and the ones I actually like are no longer a complete set thanks to my shoddy packing job from a few moves ago. I also wanted to check out the textiles — rugs, curtains, things of that ilk. (I don’t have to assemble these things and they’re not likely to fall apart.)

I have to say, I love the way IKEA is set up. I was halfway to moving back to New York so I could live in a ridiculously small apartment just so I could furnish it with ingenious, Swedish, space-saving designs. I found a pair of curtains I’d been eying on the internet hanging in a delightful room, and decided that they were definitely contenders. Carpets were a different story. I didn’t find much on that front. I can’t handle the smell of a polypropylene rug — I’ll stick with the Jute rugs I found at Target and World Market (one of my new favorite websites).

I did, however, score big on the dish hunt. There was a sale on the 18-piece sets of Dinera. I couldn’t really decide which color I liked, but since they were only $19.99, I decided to go ahead and buy two — a little mix and match. More to the point, I can now entertain up to 12 people at a time with matching dishes. In my world this means I’m practically an adult.