Live Blog: The Summer Storm

By Frank Peters, Flickr Creative Commons

Gay Guru – Glastonbury – 4:20 p. m.: Interspersed with bouts of watching train-wreck police video’s on TruTV, I’ve been checking the storm warnings as they appear on Connecticut news stations and as tweeted by NBC 30’s adorable weatherman Ryan Hanrahan.  Things have grown noticeably darker outside. The trees are showing the silvery back of their leaves as they blow in the wind, which, fancy weather technology aside, is always a good indicator we’re in for a storm. Oh, and you know those white puffy pollen things? They all seem to be floating upward, as if being dust-bustered up… that can’t be good.

Anti-Couric – Newtown – 5:05 p.m.: My mother called me a few hours ago sounding very disturbed. She’s worried about tornadoes. I told her it’s not even raining here so I think we’re good. But we’ve still got a few more hours of this nonsense. On the bright side, pilates class at the gym will probably be pretty empty if everyone is worried about getting sucked up into a tornado on the drive over.

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 6:00 p.m.: It’s hot and the air is pretty still. We had a sprinkling a while ago, but that’s been it thus far. Somewhere my mother is, no doubt, huddled in her basement thanks to Springfield’s tornado.

Ring Nation – Windsor – 8:00 p.m.: Upon just seeing some footage: HOLY CRAP!!!! Are you seeing this!?

Anti-Couric – Monroe – 8:40 p.m.: It’s still stifling hot, and there is still no relief. I would like some rain but not too much wind. That would be ideal. I’m starting to think this might be our most boring live blog ever…which is saying something since most of them consist of us sitting in our houses complaining, shoveling, and complaining more.

Ring Nation – Windsor – 10:00 p.m.: Remember when it wouldn’t stop raining a few weeks ago and people were making the joke “when did I move to Seattle?” Well, when did we move to Oklahoma?!”

When news about a tornado touching down here in Southern New England, I figured no big deal. I had seen a tornado in New Haven county in 2002 and it didn’t do much damage. After seeing news footage, this is quite different. The footage of the tornado ripping through Springfield MA was fairly terrifying. Since I went to college in Springfield and know a few people in the area, I have been looking at updates people posted on Facebook. One guy posted a video from his phone from an upper floor of a building in Springfield that overlooked West Springfield and you could see the tornado going across the Memorial Bridge. (If this were late night, you could make the case that a tornado might be the safest thing about the Memorial Bridge.)

But just to the south in Windsor CT, all was eerily calm. Thankfully no tornados came our way. The skies did go from a pleasant sunset red to dark and Doomsday fairly quickly, though. I was just driving on 91 through Hartford and the rain all of a sudden started coming down in sheets with lightning going off all around. Crazy. I figured the best thing to do is to buy a Powerball ticket because really it would only make sense for me to win just as the world is about to blow up. Hooray.