Adventures in House Hunting: Creepy Estate Sales

As if it’s not enough that I’m buying a probably-haunted house, I am also insisting on furnishing it with other people’s crap and this weekend, that meant hitting up Estate Sales.

On Friday, I got a call from my aunt who happened to be at an estate sale in East Hartford. Since I’ve been storing chairs in her basement for the past few weeks, she knew I was on the lookout for a table. She wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for — and I was unfortunately still in Monroe — so I told her I’d check it out myself on Saturday. I got in my car, while my cousin loaded her mother and our grandmother into the minivan and we all headed over.

An estate sale is a little bit of a blood bath. The day before, my aunt reported people fighting over a wheelchair so I was ready to throw down if I came across a table I was interested in. The other thing about these free for alls is that it is old people’s stuff. So while there are some nice antiques, there’s also a lot of bad wallpaper  and stuff from the 1970s. That being said, I consider Saturday’s haul a huge score. At the first place, I bought two dining chairs and a side table for $20. I almost didn’t buy the table, but then the guy cut the price in half and I said, “Alright, sure…”

My cousin and I loaded up the van and then we followed the signs for another estate sale, where I found what I consider to be the motherload: a practically new grill for $50, complete with an almost full tank of propane. Considering my main goal upon closing on the house is throwing myself a 30th birthday party, the grill was a key find.

On Sunday when my friend said, “So you bought a dead guy’s grill” I responded, “Yeah, why not? I’m buying a dead guy’s house.” And that’s about that…