All About: Branford

Population: 29.089

County: New Haven County

Size: 28 square miles

History: Guess what! The area that became Brandford was bought from Indians!

You’re shocked. I know, I’ll let you catch your breath. The area was called Totoket, which sounds rather adorable. Branford was apparently established in 1644, but didn’t grow much until 18th and 19th centuries–though I’m skeptical of Wikipedia on that 1644 date. Eventually the train came to town and the first shoreline community, Stony Creek, was settled. More communities that sound like annoying suburban enclaves were also settled, but neither of those settlements were permanent until the mid-19th century (whatever that means).

Branford is also home to the country’s first Hospice, which is kind of nice.

Something Weird: Apparently Branford was some kind of resort town for awhile–you know, like Atlantic City without the casinos, mobsters, or hookers. About 20 hotels opened at some point. I wonder if they take Marriott Rewards.