Appalachia Comes to CT

Those of you who don’t live in Litchfield County might forget that the Appalachian Trail passes through our fair state. Way out there in the wilds of Kent and Cornwall there are a number of entrances to the trail. We decided to try out the River Walk — an easy trail along the banks of the Housatonic River.

After today, I can’t imagine hiking the entire trail. Not just because it would be hard and take an enormous amount of time, but because while you imagine that the trail is this amazing thing on a grand scale, I’ve realized much of it must look just like what I saw today. And while the trail was lovely, it wasn’t much different than dozens of other trails.

We ran into some really nice folks while on the trail, though: a man with a huge St. Bernard-Great Pyrenees; people with a beagle and old Visla; a guy with a serious backpack who is part of the Connecticut Chapter of the Appalachian Trail Association (or something like that).

All told we were on the trail for about 2 hours. We saw a heron, some cool ducks I’ve never seen before, chipmunks, and some other birds I can’t quite identify. We also stumbled across a very strange butterfly, and some crazy fungi. The internet said we might run into beaver and otter, and I love those furry little guys so I was sad we didn’t run into any.

I’m bound and determined to get back to the trail, though, and enter from a different point. I’m interested in seeing the parts of the trail that are up high, looking down over the valleys. Somehow, that just seems more Appalachian. No one wants to read me ramble about this, though, so here are some pictures.