Devil Bird

It’s a big week for animals that aren’t supposed to be Connecticut.

Forget the Ghost Cats stalking Fairfield and new Haven Counties. We’ve got a “Devil Bird!” According to The Courant:

Florence McBride of Hamden was scanning Lake Whitney with a telescope early Saturday morning, looking for birds, when she spotted a long-necked specimen similar to a cormorant.An avid birder, McBride knew it was an anhinga, a large aquatic bird whose name is taken from a Brazilian tribal phrase for “devil bird.” Anhingas had never been photographed in Connecticut until last weekend.

I don’t know what’s so devilish about this bird, besides its creepy eyes. It reminds me of my uncle’s old dog. He lives in New Orleans and had a catahoula leopard dog, and all the old cajuns referred to it as the “devil dog” because of its crazy blue eyes.

Connecticut's Devil Bird, courtesy of