Bruins Win Leads to Free Drinks

Yesterday was quite sporting! The Prissy Bitch, Renaissance Man, and I headed over to our first Bridgeport Bluefish game of the season. As usual we paid about $3 to sit 3 rows behind homeplate. Unfortunately, we were only able to get one beer each before they shut down the concession stands on us. There was a double header, so the games were only seven innings and by the fifth they were closing up shop. This was upsetting, but somewhere mid-game I wondered aloud if the visiting players stayed at the Holiday Inn where the PBR stays when they come to town.

So after the game we headed on over to what is fast becoming our new favorite bar. As you probably know, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night. We showed up at the bar where a couple of Kennedy-sounding fellas were watching the game — one of which announced to the bar that the Bruins were 8 minutes away from winning the Cup and he was going to buy everyone a round of drinks. (Also, the awesome bartender from our PBR night was there again and we continue to love her.)

The generous fellow had, as we learned, driven some dude’s Yacht down from Scituate to Long Island. He is a tug boat captain who lives in MA, but flies his plane down to NYC for work. Basically, he leads an awesome life. His friend who helped him with the boat apparently spends a lot of time wandering into the water in front of his house and picking up oysters and steamers. He’s not sure this legal, so don’t tell anyone.

The ship captain told me I look like Tilda Swinton, and the Prissy Bitch that she looks like Selena Gomez. Then he hit on me for awhile before getting lost in the elevator bank. Obviously he celebrated a bit too vigorously.

We also met our new friend Detroit. That’s not his real name but he was wearing a Detroit hat so that’s what I call him. PB and I spent a lot of time discussing the South with him because he apparently went to school in Alabama and spends a lot of time in Nashville. We asked him if we should go to Detroit, but he hesitated before telling us he was only there on a layover visiting family, so he was “safe.” That does not give us confidence.

But we’d officially like to congratulate the Bruins and thank them for our free drinks.