4:20 Ya’ll

By Chris Yarzab, Flickr Creative Commons

Okay, so it’s probably not 4:20 right now, but since possession of small amounts of marijuana is no longer criminal it’s kind of like it’s always 4:20 in CT. And the medical marijuana people are ready to jump on that smoky little train. The Courant reports:

Marijuana advocates are targeting Connecticut as one of the states most likely to approve use of the drug for medical reasons, moving to build on momentum from the legislature’s recent decriminalization of small amounts of it.

While advocates prepare to step up lobbying efforts, opponents are trying to hold the line on a drug that the federal government deems dangerous and illegal.

This is pretty sweet because I’ve been feeling pretty anxious lately, and I could really use a good pot brownie. Besides, think of all those empty store fronts that will be happy to play host to the state’s first dispensaries.