All About: Glastonbury

Population: About 32,000 in 2000 and 2010 results aren’t in yet. We’re going to guess a crapton more.

County: Hartford County

Size: 52.3 square miles

History: Gbury was part of Wethersfield and was settled as “Pyaug” by thirty families. By 1693, Glastonbury had come into existence. Glastonbury has been a shipbuilding town and the home of Aqua Velva, which was produced by the J.B. Williams Soap Company. Farming and tobacco production is a  large part of the town’s history as well.

UConn can thank Glastonbury farmer, John Hale a.k.a. Peach King, for its existence.

Glastonbury has traditionally been progressive, freeing  slaves in the 1780s, sixty years before slavery became illegal in the State of Connecticut.

Something Weird: Glastonbury is said to be home of the Glawackus, a fearsome, large cat-like creature that will eat your cats, dogs, and small children. There are also rumors of satanists and occultists practicing in the State Forest in Glastonbury, but that may be just a rumor. We still think it’s interesting. Oh, and Glastonbury produced Anti-Couric, Gay Guru, and Asian Persuasion — so there is probably something wrong with the water.