Return to Appalachia

Sunday I headed back up to Connecticut’s little part of Appalachia with Queer Theory, but this time we were determined to tackle part of it known as Rand’s View. But first…we had to stop at a Flea Market.

We were cruising through Litchfield County when I looked over, spotted a bunch of tents, people, and crap in a field. Then I saw the sign that announced we were driving by a Flea Market. I’ve been trying to get to the one in Bridgeport for weeks, so I was glad to see Queer Theory was just as excited as I was.

We saw some good stuff, and some weird stuff, namely this:

We didn’t buy anything, unless you count fried dough. We did see an interesting representation of humanity, and a lot of old vinyl records left to bake in the sun. Oh…and for some there was a guy selling random food items, like Special K cereal and fruit bars.

Since we weren’t planning on doing any flea market shopping, we were kind of late and the vendors were closing up by the time we made it to the last row. We headed back out on the road toward the hydroelectric plant where we started our walk past beautiful waterfalls and I spotted some suspiciously cat-like paws in the sand on the shores of the Housatonic. (Sand does not photograph well, unfortunately.)

Here is the part where, dear readers, I have to admit I’ve been neglecting my cardio at the gym. I’ve been more into leisurely strolls and yoga lately than kickboxing and *shudder* running. So I was not prepared to haul my ass uphill in the heat for what felt like hours. As we thought we were getting to the top, where this magnificent view was, we realized that we weren’t as close as we thought…and frankly, we didn’t know how much longer we had ahead of us. So, after sitting for a moment, drinking some water and eating some almonds, we decided to turn around and head back…defeated.

But I swear on our measly Google Ads revenue, I will get to the top someday because I will not be beaten by the rolling hills of CT!!


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