Ginger Needs to Take Dump

Leave it to a Ginger to break into some poor woman’s house just because he has to drop a deuce. The Courant explains:

A local man with a violent criminal history was arrested on Wednesday after he let himself into a woman’s home early in the morning, woke her up and told her he needed to use the bathroom, police said.

Pamela Bowen said in an interview that said the man, Heath Elliott Cain, 36, stayed for about 15 to 20 minutes but did not harm her. She said she prayed throughout the ordeal that she would be OK.

I get it, sometimes you just gotta go, but then why the hell did he do this?

Before he walked into Bowen’s home, police said, Cain defecated on the walkway leading up to it. Police also found his underwear on the walk.