All About: Granby

Population: About 10,000 in 2000, We’re guessing that 11 years later, it’s grown

County: Hartford County

Size: 40.8 square miles

History: Granby was part of Simsbury until 1786 when it became independent. The first unauthorized coins minted in the American colonies, and the first in Connecticut, were struck by Dr. Samuel Higley in 1737 from copper mined from his own mine in what was then North Simsbury, now Granby. Apparently the pure copper coins weren’t too durable, so you won’t find many around. It’s okay…they were only worth about threepence each.

Something Weird: Granby was the hometown of MTV VJ Jesse Camp. Camp won the first Wanna Be a VJ contest. His persona during the contest was that of a homeless street kid, but it turned out that he was from the ‘burbs of Granby and attended one of our state’s many prep schools.