Connecticut is no stranger to the occasional very hot day, but you’d think the world was going to end every time a weird weather pattern comes through. It’s snowing a lot! Everyone stay inside  and cracnk the heat! It’s hot outside! Everyone stay inside and crank the A/C! Whatever you do, don’t learn how to cope with extreme weather without the help of central air!

I hate nothing more than people complaining incessantly about the heat, unless it’s the Asian Persuasion who could actually die thanks to her wonky heart’s dislike of the humidity. Here’s the thing people: for millions of years people have managed to live in all sorts of terrible conditions with nothing between them and the elements but a cave and a loincloth. The real problem is, we’ve gone soft. So what if you’re sweating? It’s kind of what you’re supposed to do in the heat.

That being said, when I was faced with leaving my cats home alone for the weekend when it was supposed to be over 100 degrees, I figured it  was wise to get an air conditioner and run it for a few days so I didn’t come home to two dehydrated, half-baked cats. More importantly, investing in a small air conditioner is less expensive than paying for a couple of kitty emergency bills.

Myself, I beat the heat the old fashioned way… by playing hooky from work and plunking myself down in Salmon River. The water was low and so the rock island from the last trip was much bigger. And there were trout everywhere…including in a fly fisherman’s net. This sucker was huge…like the kind of fish fishermen usually lie about.

The low water also revealed the ice age version of lounge chairs — little indentations in the rocks that made perfect lounging spots to keep cool in a few inches of water. (I also had a debate about the origins of glacial potholes.) Unfortunately, the shallow water is also home to creepy bugs that like to call you home. So then I had to go dunk myself in the fast running water–swimming against that current was like being in one of those little pools with the jets that you just swim into endlessly (like a treadmill for swimming). Hopefully I didn’t get any parasites.