South Dakota Cougar Murdered in CT

Forgive me if this post is a little uninspired: I’m really quite tired. Why am I so tired? Well, I’ve been dancing around all afternoon celebrating a small, but satisfying victory.

Yes, The Middletown Press reported that DEEP was wrong, wrong, wrong and that the mountain lion hit on the Merritt Parkway earlier this summer wasn’t the escaped pet of some eccentric Greenwich millionaire like, say, Regis Philbin. No, he was a cross-country traveler who made it all the way here from South Dakota:

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said today that results of genetic tests show that the mountain lion killed in Milford in June made its way to the state from the Black Hills region of South Dakota and is an animal whose movements were actually tracked and recorded as it made its way through Minnesota and Wisconsin.

If only the poor guy had been more car savvy he could have made a sweet life for himself here in CT. He was probably trying to get the hell away from blood  thirsty ranchers with big scary shotguns.  He was probably hoping our dairy farmers and organic lettuce growers would be more friendly to his kind.

I am curious, though, as to how he ended up in Greenwich. It’s an odd path to take through the Nutmeg state. Do you think he was following Metro North tracks, and stopped off in Rye? He should have learned from the success of all those other mountain lions living happily in the northern parts of the state and came in through Litchfield County and just followed some power lines like the other animals.

Here’s my theory on why he decided to head to the Gold Coast: The Black Hills are known for being home to gold and the Lakota Sioux, and have occasionally been invaded by such notable Connecticutians as myself, and the Prissy Bitch. The cat probably heard about how well we treat the felines in our lives and he decided to stop by and see if we had room for one more…and possibly eat our actual cats if we turned him away.