Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

All this talk of taxes is enough to drive a sane woman crazy. Every time I see someone on the TV talking about how we need to pay less in taxes, I daydream of putting them in a choke hold. With that in mind, let’s turn to our local paper of record.

It’s not at all that often that I gush about something The Courant did, but today its got a story I admire. I love nothing more than when the media takes it upon itself to explain complex topics in a rational, easy to understand way. You know…instead of just yelling at a camera or allowing a half-cocked Tea Partier to spew nonsense and call it fact. Today, The Courant took the time to actually explain the dreaded state tax increases to Nutmeggers worried that they’ll suddenly be put in the poor house if their $150k a year salary suddenly gets taxed a it heavier.

So, basically, if you have any business what-so-ever worrying about taxes or your household budget, well… this won’t really effect you. So please stop whining. And if you’re one of these rich people who complain that you can’t buy a new boat because all your money is going to taxes to feed the hungry, and pay state workers… well, f*ck you. Maybe you should listen to richest of the rich dudes.