Podunk Fail!

I love Bluegrass music, as evidenced by my trip to Fiddler’s Grove and obsession with Mumford & Sons. So it shouldn’t be a surprised to you that I wanted to go to the Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival in East Hartford over the weekend.

At first I was alarmed by the price. They wanted $25 entry fee on Friday or Saturday night. Despite my love of bluegrass, I wasn’t willing to shell out $25 for an event I’d never been to for band I’d never seen. I started hatching plans to get in for free, including using a very old East Hartford town I.D. But then the Asian Persuasion pointed out that it was only $14 to get in on Sunday, which seemed more reasonable.

So, I woke up excited to head off to hear banjos and and fiddles… then realized it had been raining for about 12 hours and showed no signs of stopping. I felt bad for the poor fools who paid to camp in Martin Park just to be near the illustrious stars of the bluegrass world. The Asian and I still weren’t ready to admit defeat.

As the rain let up, and then started, and then let up, and then started, we thought we might be able to take her dog for a “walk” in the park and catch a glimpse of the band without forking over money to get soaking wet and leave 20 minutes after we arrived out of fear of catching pneumonia. But then it started pouring again…good and heavy like. So instead we went to JoAnn’s fabrics where she tortured me by dragging me into the scrapbooking section — a place where I experience extreme embarrassment at the idea that I might be identified as “one of them.” As retribution I dragged her up and down fabric aisles, talking about throw pillows and futon covers.

Next year, though, I’ll officially be an East Hartford resident and able to get in for free. I’ll be there with bluegrass bells on, my friends.


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