The Day CT Shook: Where Were You?


A couple of days ago I might have assumed the shaking I felt under my ass had something to do with a hangover. Today though, I happened to be sitting on my grandmother’s couch, g-chatting with the Asian Persuasion. There’s a new school being built across from Nana’s house so the house is shaking a lot lately but somehow it seemed different today. It went on longer and there wasn’t the noice of an accompanying speeding semi-truck or drill to explain it.

So I said to the Asian: “I’m sitting on Nana’s couch and it’s shaking.” She wrote back: “It just shook here too. Dude, did we just have an earthquake?”

Being an underachiever, I just went out in the kitchen to stir some tomato sauce  and chop some onions and garlic. It  was there that my grandmother turned from the Starz Western channel to the news and it confirmed that our shaking asses weren’t cellulite related. I called my Mom and asked, “Did you feel the earthquake?” She said, “Huh?” And now… we’re relaying the news to you. Citizen journalism at its best.

Asian Persuasion

A little before 2 p.m., I was sitting at my desk doing research on prospective donors, bored out of my mind and a little annoyed that the Interwebs were not serving me well. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. Then I realized it wasn’t me…the windows in our 5th floor office were rattling. I yelled out from my office if anyone else felt that shaking. Two people responded that they did and we went to a window to look out. You see, our office is in a dumpy building that will shake a little if a big truck drives by. But not this much shaking. I expected to see some massive tank on Pratt Street, but no. All we saw was a man in the office across the street looking outside as well. We waved, and I went back to my desk where the Anti Couric IMed that her couch just shook. This struck me as odd. Then, my phone rang and it was The Betrothed. I answered by asking if he had felt the ground shake too. He replied, “Yes, we’re evacuating. It was an earthquake. Get out of the building.” I could have imagined it, but he may have tacked a “stupid” on there. So, I hurried as much as I can in heels around the office and said “The Betrothed’s company (which employs thousands of people) is evacuating…it was an earthquake. We should get out.” We weren’t that quick about it because half of my co-workers didn’t even feel it. But, I suggested we take the stairs and not the elevators and eventually everyone came out, including two patrons there to buy tickets.

And we were the only ones.

No one else in Hartford seemed to have noticed at all. I called my friend who works at an insurance company a few blocks away–they had felt the rumble, but showed no signs of evacuating. One of the ladies buying tickets told us that her husband was in the National Guard and was saying that there was a quake in VA and that’s what we were feeling. A few minutes later, after still no one else was leaving their offices, we went back in. Since then, I’ve had friends in Boston and even Syracuse say that they felt the quake…but others in Farmington and even downtown Beat say they did not. And that’s where I was.

Gay Guru

I was having a rather lazy day sitting on my front porch harassing defenseless heterosexual men via Facebook and contemplating what I was going to have for lunch when, it felt as though someone had grabbed the back of my seat and was lightly shimmying it. It was enough so that I actually turned around to check. It was then that I realized…..something is amiss. With my feet now firmly planted on the ground, I thought maybe I was just crazy but then I looked at the bushes in front of me, which were shaking as if wind was blowing through them, but there was no wind. Indeed it was an earthquake.

I received a call from my mother (who is visiting while on leave from her Las Vegas Showgirl review) who was near frantic, “We were at Starbucks and the whole place started shaking… was……weird.” As we chatted I saw my Facebook newsfeed explode with reports of the quake.

Upon hearing reports of a building sustaining a slight buckling in Hartford, I texted a former co-worker to see if it could have been my former employer’s building. Judging by a very curt response, she was not up to joking about it at the moment. But I imagine that’s because my former co-workers are all relatively preoccupied with how they’re now going to wedge another rather surly 400lb co-worker free from under her desk.

Ring Nation

Today, between 1:30pm and 2pm Connecticut shook a bit as an earthquake ripped through. Where was I at this time? Yelling at high school freshmen trying to get them to understand the basic of playing football, that’s where I was. You would think it would be easy to understand that plays with a three digit number is a pass, two digit number is a run. Easy, right? Apparently not so much! I just have to remind myself that they’re just freshmen…over and over again.
So anyway, when practice got out at 6pm or so, I checked my phone and got a voice mail and text message about there being an earthquake along the eastern seaboard. Really? Interesting. Didn’t notice that. Or maybe I caused it? Hey, I’ll take credit for that. If I did, then hopefully they’ll start to remember their plays. That would be a nice change of pace.
I had no idea there was an earthquake. That’s pretty nuts, though. Hope you all enjoyed it…