CT’s Foot Tickling Past

If you grew up in Glastonbury during the 1990s, it is likely that a shiver still runs up your spine every time someone tickles your feet — and not just because it…well…tickles. No, you probably like in fear that some complete lunatic will slip in through your unlocked windows or doors and destroy your life by tickling your toes. If you didn’t live in Glastonbury during the 1990s, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

Luckily, though, the Courant archived an article about Glastonbury’s sinister Foot Tickler:

GLASTONBURY — Most of the women were awakened by a light tug or a tickle on their feet — nothing painful, but certainly unexpected in the middle of the night.

Groggy, they opened their eyes to see a stranger kneeling at the end of their beds, touching or tickling their feet. As the women’s screams pierced the night silence, the tall, slender intruder ran out of their bedrooms, through their homes and outside into the darkness.

Yes, you read that right. People who moved to Glastonbury for the good schools, and quiet, tree-lined streets found their lives turned upside down by a some guy with a foot fetish.

All right, so maybe their lives weren’t turned upside down. But this was one of my favorite local legends when I was growing up. If you ask our buddy Colin McEnroe, he’ll tell you that Glastonbury is Connecticut’s answer to Twin Peaks, and he’s right. Despite the McMansions and SUVs, Glastonbury is home to some truly eccentric weirdos and between my time working in the local pharmacy during high school, and at the local paper after college, I’ve met them all.

Get it for the Nook.

Well, all of them except for one: the Foot Tickler (as far as I know).

Theories abound about who the Foot Tickler really was. Some of the more conspiracy theory minded think it was a police officer, and a cover up ensued. I’ve never much liked that theory though…and believe me, there were plenty of long summer days at the newspaper when I had approximately 8 hours to think about this.

And that’s why I wrote a book about it — sort of. It isn’t exactly a detailed history of the Foot Tickler. It’s more about the town of Oakfield, CT and what happens when Foot Tickling turns to something uglier.