All About: New Haven

Population: 128,779

County: new HavenCounty

Size: 20.31 square miles

History: Ahhhh New Haven… the only Connecticut city that isn’t constantly being made fun of… This particular piece of land was taken from the Quinnipiac tribe. The history of New Haven is far too long-winded for me to recite here so here are some highlights.

  • In 1661, the judges who had signed the death warrant of Charles I of England were pursued by Charles II. Two judges, Colonel Edward Whalley and Colonel William Goffe, fled to New Haven to seek refuge from the king’s forces. John Davenport arranged for these “Regicides” to hide in the West Rock hills northwest of the town. A third judge, John Dixwell, joined the other regicides at a later time.
  • It was made co-capital of Connecticut in 1701, a status it retained until 1873. In 1716, the Collegiate School relocated from Old Saybrook to New Haven and established New Haven as a center of learning. In 1718, the name of the Collegiate School was changed to Yale College in response to a large donation from British East India Company merchant Elihu Yale, former Governor of Madras.
  • In 1970, a series of criminal prosecutions against various members of the Black Panther Party took place in New Haven, inciting mass protests on the New Haven Green involving twelve thousand demonstrators and many well-known New Left political activists.

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