Gay Guru: Coming Out in Westbrook

Dear Gay Guru:

I write and edit a blog, and  well….what do I write for National Coming Out Day?

Rock N. Roller in Westbrook


Dearest Rock,

National Coming Out Day is exactly what it sounds like, and while it’s known largely as a day for standing up and revealing one’s homosexuality, I like to consider myself an equal opportunist.  You could use today to “come out” about anything you might be hiding, any detail you’ve stowed away which is keeping you from living a full life. Why just this morning I heard The CuT’s Asian Persuasion stood atop her desk chair at work and yelled out, “It’s true, I’m a terrible driver” and I imagine, her day is just a little bit better for it.

Now, that being said, if your fall-back is to exclaim you’re coming out as heterosexual, you’re going to be met with a lot of eye-rolls, so to save you the trouble, I’ve shared with you my coming out story which you can find here:

Darlings, on what I’ve come to think as a largely Gay-Pride bonus day, I wish you a safe and happy National Coming Out Day!!!

Love, Gay Guru