Luna’s Not that Bright

Picture of la luna from Flickr user L*u*z*A

My father and stepmother’s anniversary is next week, two days before The Betrothed and I walk that plank. So, instead of taking them out to dinner then, we decided to take them out this past week, their choice. So they decided on Luna Pizza in Glastonbury. They had taken us there when we first got engaged also, so it seemed fitting.

I’m not sure if it was because of the slower weeknight, but they seemed to be off their game. First, we noticed that the young girl who was our waitress didn’t write anything down. Okay, that’s cool, it was a simple order. A half an hour later, we realized that our antipasto had not come out. And, we hadn’t seen our waitress. So when we were able to flag her down, she said there was a problem with the printer and so the kitchen didn’t get the order.

A few minutes later, a slapped together antipasto plate came out, IMMEDIATELY followed by our pizza (sausage, sundried tomato and green peppers). So much for an appetizer…or table room! The antipasto was okay — there’s a lot of lettuce so it’s really more like a chef’s salad with red peppers and mushrooms than a real antipasto. Both it and the pizza came out with no serving utensils, so we had to ask for those too.  We saw her wandering around the kitchen area looking for something…the pizza server? Something to serve the antipasto with? Turns out it was tongs. The tongs she brought us were comically HUGE. Like industrial size. Oh well.

The meal itself was tasty — nothing to write home about, but decent. Our waitress disappeared again into oblivion, never checked back to see how it was or to apologize until the very end. They did take the antipasto off the tab, which was very nice. However, I would have settled for a little better service and an acknowledgment of the mistake.

The pizza is pretty good, and the place is clean. However, an extra large (enough for 4 people to have 2 normal sized pieces) is about $25. For those prices, I’ll go to Frank Pepe’s where the service is better and the pizza is awesome.

One and a half salt shakers because decent is just that…decent.