A CT Wedding: The Home Stretch

Flickr user Karl S Johnson

So in three days I’ll be married. Or something. I really feel like not a lot will change, except my last name will get a lot longer.

Since you’ve all read about the planning and the little details and the hunting of venues, now that we’re down to the wire, I should probably tell you that I haven’t actually taken the downward spiral into alcoholism. In fact, I’m feeling fairly calm. However, all my anal retentive tendencies are still in tact, so it’s not like I’ve just thrown in the towel and will show up to the ceremony in a potato sack.

My maniacal demand to get as much done in August and the beginning of September actually worked out really well. Seating chart is done. The programs are done. Place cards are done. Old picture display done. Guest book done. Timeline is done. Contact numbers sheet is done. List of “must have shots” to the photographer…done. All the music is to the DJ…including a few odd Chinese songs for the father-daughter dance and general bogeying. I dragged the Anti-Couric and Dr. Gold to my final fitting yesterday so they could learn how to put me in my dress and bustle it up so I don’t kill myself. I can walk in my heels without looking like a drunk duck. All the bridesmaids dresses are ready to go and they look awesome. The favors are all packaged. I’ve even had time to sit and relax and hang out.

So right now it’s…what the deuce am I forgetting?

I know I still have to bake cookies. I’m learning that when you have about 70 people coming in from out of town, it’s a game changer. You need to make sure they have an idea of things to do…and directions to places. And, for some insane reason, you give them a bag of food. As if they’d never find any anywhere else. We had some fun with that…some Hosmer Mountain soda, fall cookie recipes and apples because, after all, we are in New England.

Right now, I’m hoping that the leaves will start turning pronto. I mean honestly, it’s the middle of October and it’s still all green? How the hell is this supposed to be a nice New England autumn shindig with no golds, reds and oranges? Hm.

I’m forgetting something…

The venue, The Riverview, has been great. I love our florist, Just For You out of Middlefield…she has the best ideas. Our DJ is from PartyPro DJ and they’ve been on top of everything too. Our photographer is not from CT, but is totally awesome as is her name…Deborah Zoe.


Oh yeah, “Get Married”.