Chau’s Warms the Soul

An example of banh mi by Flickr user pgsvensk

Whenever I’m sick, I get a craving for some comforting pho. And as the Anti-Couric will tell you, I get sick a lot. Since my favorite pho, Pho Boston, is too far away from where I live, I go for Chau’s. Located on Main Street in Manchester, Chau’s actually tries to be a little nicer than a regular noodle shop. Completely family owned (their son comes and works after his office day job as does his girlfriend), the place is sort of decorated and always spotless.

While their broth has a little more anise than I always like, I do get a hankering for it. I usually get the shrimp pho since they don’t have tofu. A regular size is more than enough unless you’ve been starved for a month…or you’re just a piggy. The beef pho is pretty tasty as well. If you’re not a cilantro fan, you can order it without.

They also have a couple kinds of banh mi–the delightful Franco-Indochinese sandwich of tasty meat, veggies, hot sauce on a french baguette, depending on the maker. It’s a nice treat since not all Vietnamese places in the Hartford area makes them. We usually go for the beef, but they have a vegetarian option as well.

Service is always friendly, the food is always pretty good and does the trick when I’m feeling icky…like today. Two salt shakers because anything that makes me feel warm and fuzzy is salty.