Why Potheads Shouldn’t Use the Internet

By Vectorportal, Flickr Creative Commons

You know those old commercials that suggested if you smoked pot you’d run over a kid in the drive-thru at your local fast food restaurant when it really should have been about how fat and unhealthy you’d get by getting the munchies and frequently eating at your local fast food restaurant? Well, I think I may have found a new realistic consequence to scare pot smoking teens with courtesy of NBCConnecticut.com:

Tara Mohan, 24, of East Hartford, placed an ad on Craigslist saying that she was looking to purchase marijuana, according to the East Central Narcotics Task Force, and arrangements were made to meet at Stop & Shop on Glastonbury Boulevard in Glastonbury on Wednesday.

This is just the height of stupidity. First of all, what kind of self-respecting 24-year-old toker doesn’t have a trusted dealer? When you have to resort to looking for drugs on Craigslist it’s time to give it up and head over to the personal ads and start having sad, creepy stranger sex with other weirdos.

But you know what I find most disturbing: that there is a task force sitting around trolling Craigslist for dumb, probably harmless potheads to entrap. I mean, is that really a good use of your time? Maybe the money spent on this bust would be better put toward, oh, I don’t know… maybe providing rehabilitation for people with real drug problems, education, or just about anything other than busting people so stupid and incapable of masterminding a criminal enterprise that they post their intentions on Craigslist.