Is CT the Capitol of Weird Sex Crimes?

I’m starting to think that Connecticut may be a magnet for weird sex criminals. Why, you ask? Well, because I visited The Courant’s site today, and on this particular day it was filled with tales of creeps…one of whom is crying in her mugshot.

Let’s start with the crier. Apparently, Waterbury police arrested two girls, one 21-years-old, and the other just the tender age of 16 in connected with an alleged sexual assault on an underage girl. Just the girl on girl action is weird in the world of sexual assault, but it doesn’t stop there. According to The Courant:

The alleged sexual assault happened outside in the area of Wood and Oak Streets and involved a dog, Corbett said. He would not go into detail about the details of the attack, but said that others, including at least one man, were involved in the sex assault.

Seriously? WTF is wrong with people? (If you want to see real depravity in action, though, I suggest reading some of the comments. Gotta love people who think dousing someone in gasoline and setting them ablaze is a legitimate punishment.)

Our next sex-creep is more pathetic than scary. This genius called the Lake Zoar Drive-In in Monroe to order a burger and some sex. Needless to say, the teenage girl on the other end of the line was not accommodating and the police were called. What I’m wondering though, is why a guy who lives in Goshen would call a place in Monroe for burgers. That’s a haul. I’m thinking maybe he got a bad tip from someone who said those Lake Zoar gals were selling more than fast-food.