Mitchell’s Mediocre Breakfast

Saturday morning, I forced The Pilot to go Christmas tree hunting–just a small, Asian Persuasion sized tree. We had searched high and low last year for a mini-me-tree that wasn’t a million dollars, so we knew to head straight for The Garden Barn in Vernon this year.

But, priorities rule and our stomachs are always a priority. That means pre-tree breakfast. I’m not a huge fan of Vernon Diner, so we decided to try Mitchell’s Restaurant because I thought it was the same as the one on the Silas Deane the Anti-Couric and I went to in Rocky Hill–which was delicious. Now, I’m not so sure. Because that breakfast was good and this was…not so much.

It’s not clear whether it’s a seat yourself establishment and while three different waitresses walked by us, not one paused long enough for us to ask. All the tables were full, so we waited while one was half-assed cleared off. After another couple walked in and just sat, we followed suit and just sat at the dirty table. A while passed before a waitress came by, and we had to ask her for a wipe down as stickiness and sugar covered the eating space.

The menu is decent, although not exotic–just your basic diner breakfast. The Pilot ordered the Starving Belgian, which was a disgusting pile of food by any standard. Eggs, bacon, toast…and a waffle. I think homefries, or “spuds” as well. I decided on what they call the Phenomelette which included sausage, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and cheddar, with wheat toast and homefries/”spuds.” His came out pretty standard. I didn’t find the sausage in the omelet until I was 2/3 done and my toast was burnt pretty badly. The lady behind me sent her burnt toast back. The spuds were decent. None of it was terrible, but it wasn’t that great either.

No one ever came to check on us for a refill on coffee or tea, which is unusual in a breakfast joint. It took a while after we flagged someone down for the coffee pot to make its way to us as well. The place just seemed disorganized and inefficient. Oh, well. It provided sustenance for Christmas decorating, but it certainly won’t go back on my “go back to” list.

One and a half salt shakers because there’s nothing salty about long and frequent waits…