World’s Worst Stalker

Last week we wondered if Connecticut was home to especially weird sex criminals. This week we’re wondering if our perpetrators of domestic violence are even dumber than their dumb-as-shit brethren. If you haven’t already heard, Glastonbury police had the pleasure of arresting a man for alleged stalking and there were no high-speed (or even O.J.-style low-speed) car chases. No… instead, police just walked across the street when the object of the man’s (apparently obsessive) affection pointed out the window and said the man — who already had a restraining order and a couple of family court cases pending — was sitting in the parking lot across the road.

Oh…the stupidity.

I’m hoping the cops cross referenced the guy’s fingerprints with the FBI’s Wanted List, though, ’cause if I saw this guy on the street I’d assume he was a mobster in hiding.