Not the Good Kind of Spiked Brownies

When I was in the first grade someone brought brownies into the classroom for their birthday. I ate one and then promptly threw-up on my desk. To this day I can’t eat super-chocolaty stuff. So I wonder what’s going to happen to the kids who unwittingly downed some anti-psychotic drugs in their brownies earlier this week thanks to a classmate.

From yum9me, Flickr Creative Commons

Yes, you heard me right: a New Milford teen thought he’d gives his pals some “adult brownies” but instead of just making some pot brownies — which I think we can all agree, would be awesome — he put quetiapine, a drug used to treat schizophrenia, into the brownies. Instead of having a bunch of goofy, happy, slightly hungry classmates, he had a bunch of nauseous, drowsy, dizzy teens on his hands.

Somewhere, though, I have to assume the D.A.R.E. officers feel like this is a victory. All those kids will think twice before agreeing to eat a fun brownie again.