A Christmas Gift: Man Shoots Himself While Peeing

By peminumkopi, Flickr Creative Commons

Most of the news coming out of this Christmas season has been very, very sad. So we were glad to find something we could get a laugh out of. Over on MSNBC, we learned that New Haven police responded to a call on Christmas Eve when a man claimed he’d been shot during a robbery attempt.

But that’s not what happens. Apparently the guy tried to pee with his gun in the waistband of his pants (which always seemed like a terrible place to keep your weapons to me) and then gun fell out of his waistband, hit the toilet, went off, and shot him in the leg.

This story is funny, but I’m holding my laughter… because I once tried to pee in a bar bathroom with a stolen pint glass stuffed into my jacket. Things were going fine until it I stood up and the thing fell right to the floor, smashing into a million little pieces. I feel like I should be  thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t stab myself in the leg with a shard of glass.