New London Talks About Sex

Right on! As if it wasn’t cool enough that New London High School has a clinic that diagnoses and treats STD’s and administers pregnancy tests, now it’s going to be handing out condoms and birth control. According to NBCConnecticut:

The Day reports that the school asked the Child & Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut to begin offering condoms and birth control prescriptions.

Parents must give permission for their children to use the clinic within the school.

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We love this idea, especially in New London where the gonorrhea and chlamydia rates are higher than normal. This is CT, not Alabama — I don’t think we’re in denial that sex education, coupled with access to contraceptives are good for teens. I mean, for cripe’s sake, all you have to do is take a look at Bristol Palin to see how well abstinence only education works.

So, hooray for the forward thinking folks in New London! Your kids’ junk thanks you.



  1. Sorry to say but this is a BAD idea, good intentions but BAD IDEA. Its only encouraging to have sex more and making it more accepting. What needs to be done is a proper health and sex education class. LMAO! Do any of you really think half those kids even know how to put a condom on properly? NO, they don’t even know the proper names and parts of the genitals and I am being very serious; its sad because they are in high school. In fact even though these kids do get condoms they are embarrassed to use them and put them on, then if they do contract something they are embarrassed and ashamed to get treated and have it be known, even if it is just to be known by the doctor or nurse. Not to mention parents do NOT give the sex talk anymore, maybe you do but the majority of the kids I went to school with say their parents never gave the sex talk and that they learned they learn from TV, music videos, us talking about it in school and what ever else we see that suggest sex. Stop thinking like adults and start thinking like young adults. They just want to fit in and do what everyone else is doing(regardless of what they say)especially if they are doing “grown up” things like having sex with our boy/girl friend because somewhere we got the idea that if we don’t have sex with our boy/girl friend someone else will, what we don’t think about is that someone else will have sex with them regardless and most of the time its not safe sex….What needs to be done, is NLHS (and schools all over)needs to have a PROPER SEX EDUCATION CLASS that is mandatory to take. They should teach the names of the vagina & penis along with all their parts. They should have work sheets and test like any other class. They should teach us what condoms are and how they work, like put a condom on a banana or what not. They should teach us about STDs, their names,/ stages, what they do to our insides and why all while showing us graphic pictures and images of the STDs on the genitals; female & male so we know how serious it is. They should teach us what STDs are curable, incurable and which ones can be treated & how. They should teach us how they are transmitted weather it be through bodily fluids, blood, saliva, kissing and/or sex etc. They should show us how the STDs look on the genitals when it goes untreated to scare the hell out of us. They need to know what’s out there in the real world. They should show us pictures of the diseases so we know what to look for on our partner and our self. It should be a serious, graphic, educating class that strictly teaches about sex & STDs in a professional but understandable and comfortable way. I for one can say that NEW LONDON HIGH SCHOOL HAS NEVER OFFERED SUCH A CLASS and should before it just gives up and encourages sex with free contraception and a health clinic. Yeah safe sex is good but no sex is better, and knowing about sex is even better. A better way of teaching not to have sex so soon is to teach us the reality’s and responsibilities that come with sex.


  2. We’re curious, how do you know NLHS doesn’t have a sex ed class (or at least a sex ed portion of a health class)? As far as I know, basic sex ed is part of health classes all across the state…and if we were getting them in suburbia I find it strange that a high school would in one of our cities would just skip over sex ed and go straight to handing out condoms and medication.


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