Yankee Fans Get Screwed (This Time Not by the Team’s Management)

You know how we feel about the Yankees, so we kind of think anyone crazy enough to get caught up in a scheme like this gets what they deserve but the headline made us think some schmo got dirt from someone’s backyard instead of dirt from the stadium.But no, it turned out to be even douchier than it sounds. NBCConnecticut reports:

Police told the Hour of Norwalk and Connecticut Post that the unidentified man agreed in 2008 to invest $35,000 for a 20-percent share to invest in items, such as a key chain containing dirt from the Bronx, ballpark.

Soon, the Fairfield man became suspicious, the Connecticut Post reports, so Hayward presented bank letters that said he had more than $1 million.

However, police told the Post, the letters were forgeries and Hayward’s account was actually overdrawn.

Nothing is sadder than shifty, Fairfield County businessmen defrauding each other over contaminated dirt from the Bronx.