Cupcake Culprit Reports Murder He Didn’t Commit

Let’s start off by talking about the obvious. Is this guy looking to the heavens or is something seriously up with his eyes? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ok, now onto the meat and potatoes of the story:

A 19-year-Stamford old man was arrested on Wednesday night after calling 911 and saying he killed his girlfriend in an attempt to get police to come quickly, Greenwich police said.

Henry Jara-Villamarin called police from the parking lot of a high-end cupcake shop in Greenwich at 9:21 p.m., police said.

What was this genius really calling about? Him and his gal pal were fighting and he wanted her out of his car.

Well, I’d like  to take this opportunity to blame the cupcake shop. I have never been able to get behind the upscale cupcake shop trend. I love a good ol’ fashioned Duncan Heinz cupcake, but not being a huge fan of frosting in the first place, I really don’t love ridiculous cake monstrosities with half a pound of frosting on top. So, I blame the cupcakes for this. I have no doubt that a sugar overload led to this series of bad decisions.