Potty Cams

I have to admit, this is one of the weirder obsessions. I mean, first of all, who wants to see someone…anyone…shit? Second of all, if your creepy bathroom cameras are running all the time, you’ve got to catch a lot of stuff you do not want to see, even if  you are a pervert. But before I get too off track here’s the poop:

In April 2011, a woman called police after finding a camera hidden in the bathroom of the Brook Street house. Police said Paul Zajac had told a female resident of the house that he’d placed the camera in the bathroom to capture video of people.

Now, Zajac is being charged with 24 counts of voyeuristic recording of another person.

Considering most men are in complete denial about the less attractive bodily functions of the females in their lives, this particular perversion has always confused me. But I figure if anything is going to cure them it’s got to be a buddy with irritable bowel syndrome, no?