What’s Weirder than Santeria? Cannibalism

I didn’t think Bridgeport’s news could get any weirder. I mean, all those Santeria-related incidents are just…well…bizarre. But then word of Tyree Smith’s alleged cannibalism hit the wire and blew all those ladies leaving chicken heads outside their ex-boyfriends’ homes out of the water. NBCConnecticut says:

Police in Florida have arrested a man accused of killing a man in Bridgeport and eating some of his remains.

Tyree Smith, 34, arrived at a relative’s Bridgeport house, covered in blood, and said he had used a hatchet and killed a man he said was homeless, then ate some of the man’s brain and his eye, according to a news release from police in Lynn Haven, Florida.

He supposedly confessed to this bizarre and disgusting crime back in December, but it’s unclear if his family bothered to tell anyone at the time. The body of the victim wasn’t found until January 20, and by then Smith was in Florida (otherwise known as “The South’s Trashcan”) and the U.S. Marshal service had to track him down. After hearing about the murder someone finally went to the police to tell them about Smith’s strange confession.

I’d like to thank the CT Post for posting the entire arrest warrant affidavit and reminding me how much I used to enjoy reading these when I was a reporter. These things are better than the average crime novel. This particular one makes you feel especially sad for the victim, a homeless man named Angel Gonzalez. There’s nothing remotely humorous about this part of the sad story so you’ll just have to read the affidavit for yourself.