Valentine’s Day To-Do in Connecticut’s Cities

Donna Grayson, Flickr Creative Commons

Even though I am now married, I still pretty much hate Valentine’s Day. But we need to come up with content for this damn site, and since society demands that we pretend not to loathe VD (it’s no coincidence that it has the same initials as venereal disease) so here are some ideas on how to  survive  celebrate the holiday. Thankfully the holiday falls mid-week this year, and that means the festivities don’t need to be nearly as extravagant as say, a Friday night VD.


If you’re paired up: Go for a nice romantic dinner at Salute where it’s not cheesy romantic, but classy and fun. The food is to die for. Then take a walk over to Bushnell Park where there is still free ice skating. You and your boo can hold hands as you skate around the man-made rink…and pull each other up when you fall on your butts.

If you’re single: Grab a margarita from the friendly bartenders at Agave, or a beer at The Tavern before heading over to TheaterWorks for what seems like one of the most unromantic productions one could ask for: The Sty of the Blind Pig. Set in 1950s South Side Chicago, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to walk out feeling sorry for yourself.


If you’re balled & chained: Middletown is full of great restaurants like Luce, Tuscany Grill, and Forbidden City. Follow it up with a nice drink at Esca. You can also then take a walk around Wesleyan where, if you’re lucky, there will be some sort of naked rompings to gawk at. I lived there long enough to know that you’re bound to see bare ass just about every night of the week.

If you’re a singleton: Go for a fun meal at Anoho  Noodle House, where most dishes are under $8. Then head down to Vinne’s Jump & Jive for Disco Line Dancing at 8:15pm. You heard me. And it’s only $5. Rehydrate with a beer or five at Eli Cannon’s. Then go find some bare ass at Wesleyan to make out with.

New Haven:

If you’ve got another half: Impress your date with some culture, attend Yale’s performance of Winds of France featuring folks from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. If that’s not highbrow, we don’t know what is. Have a lovely dinner at Barcelona or Cafe Goodfellas. Or 116 Crown where you absolutely must order a Pimm’s Cup.

If you’re looking to hook up: Trivia night at Ann Liffey’s or Bingo at a nice relaxed way to spend V-Day, and you might meet some interesting characters. Or get dolled up and head over to Koji and do a little pseudo-clubbing…it’s Gaysha Tuesday! Grab a beer and food at Rudy’s. Their fries are an awesome late night treat.


If you’re attached: The perfect place for a fancy dinner in any city, celebrate the hearts and cuddles at Capital Grille. The Anti-Couric recommends g/r/a/n/d as well. Or, send a singing valentine from the Coast Chordsmen Barbershop Chorus.

If you’re un-attached: Check out Avon Theatre’s Tuesday night Oscar-nominated Film Festival at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Grab a pizza at the famous Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza. Nothing says “screw you, Valentine’s Day” better than a hot, cheesy, messy pizza pie.


If you’re tied down: Not gonna lie, finding something to do in Danbury wasn’t easy so we had to head next door.  Head on over to Brookfield Franco Ristorante where there is live jazz — and that’s as grown-up as it comes.

If you’re on the prowl: Bethel totally knows where it’s at. Head over to “Anti-Valentine’s Day” with Karen Johnstone Band and pray like hell it’s not a bunch of randy 70-year-olds.