CT Creeps At It Again

Connecticut’s weird sex offenders are back in the news again. This week, one genius was caught allegedly soliciting a hooker with his son in the car. At first I thought maybe the was a socially awkward 18-year-old and the dad was just trying to help him out — like Rusty did for Rocky in Mask.


But since dear old Dad was only 32, I’m guessing the kid wasn’t 18.

But man oh man, what great PR for Camp Whateverthefuck in Guilford, huh?

In other sex offender-related news, some 19-year-old vigilante and/or complete whacko named Bryan Oei, decided to check for sex offenders in his neighborhood, and harass the convicted rapist he found. Apparently he called the guy and showed up at his house and called him such brilliant names as “Rape-O” and when the guy asked him to leave Oei uttered these brilliant words, “What if I don’t, are you going to rape me?”

Thanks to my days as a local news reporter — a job in which you receive multiple crazy calls from townspeople on a daily basis — I really dislike people who go on the web, realize some sex offender is living down the street, and then go ballistic. Usually they have no idea what the person even did and they are inevitably worried about “the children.” Well, tell “the children” to stay the hell away from the creepy guy in the house on the corner. That’s how we did it when I was a kid.