Connecticut Less Corrupt than All the States…Except New Jersey

I know you’ve probably been wondering if all those arrests of Connecticut mayors and governors were in vain, but don’t you fret…they did more than just get a few cretins off the street. They helped Connecticut earn a “B” rating on the list of corrupt state governments. This may not sound impressive, but no states earned an “A” and only one got a “B+”. And you’ll never guess who that was…

Yep, New Jersey.

I guess when your state is known for smelling like death’s bowel movement, and being home  to gangsters, you don’t have a choice but to get your house in order.

Don’t worry, though, Nutmeggers, you can still feel superior to most of the country, because everyone else got a B- or less…many even failed. Check out the full report for yourself.