Why I Hate The Reminder

For many years I’ve disliked The Reminder. I’d never paid it much attention until it moved into the town where I was a local reporter. This meant I was often covering the same events as the Reminder reporters. I was regularly appalled by what I read. At times it was like we weren’t even at the same meeting. Other times, the articles rambled on for pages… PAGES! (This was usually when the editor of our local version covered a meeting, and obviously wouldn’t edit herself.) Once I was at a groundbreaking with one of the reporters who could not, for the life of her, figure out why her pictures were coming out so bad. When I suggested it might be because she was basically pointing her camera straight at the sun, she insisted I was wrong.

Don’t even get me started on what passes for letters to the editor in that rag. Any old loon can submit an anonymous rant and see it in print in the “Speak Out” section, which is basically just for a place for readers to yell at each other. Most papers require a name, and even proof of identity before they will print a letter (and I’m using that term loosely when it comes to the stuff The Reminder prints) from a reader. The liberal policy at The Reminder results in such gems as these:


Posted on Mar. 15, 2012

In response to “FREE SPEECH?” Free speech exists until slander and libel do. I think Rush should be given a pass on this. He can’t control what his drug-addled brain tells his mouth to say.


Posted on Mar. 15, 2012

In response to “ONLY IN AMERICA:” You are wrong; it’s not only in America. In Europe, where they opted for alternative green energy in lieu of actual working energy, hundreds of people really did freeze to death this winter, literally. Kind of makes your “freezing to death” this winter a little less tragic.

It’s basically like the print version of internet trolls. But none of this is what’s pissing me off these days.

Today I was walking my dog, and I once again found myself stepping over one Reminder after another. Today happened to be delivery day, so in addition to the soggy, disintegrating, abandoned Reminders that usually litter the sidewalks, the ends of driveways, and storm drain grates there were today’s papers. The problem is especially bad in front of a vacant house that the paper delivery didn’t quite notice was empty.

Tomorrow I think I’ll count how many of today’s papers are still lying in the street.

Reminder, you are a blight on neighborhoods without newspaper boxes all over the state. If you’re going to continue selling advertising under the guise that we, the unsuspecting residents of Central Connecticut, are reading your paper the least you could do is help us out and not let them pile up in front of homes… or actually get out of your cars (I’ve seen one guy driving around with his door open and just hurling them) and make sure the papers make it onto doorsteps…so they don’t end up in storm drains.

And while you’re at it, a little actual journalism would be nice now and then.